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These are the coops that were on the 2014 tour

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Stop by Urban Ministries and enjoy our first-ever Coop Carnival! We are a ticket site, too, so you can start your tour here with kids activities and informational booths, or stop by mid-day for lunch at the mini- food truck rodeo and refresh with a drink from Big Boss Brewery. Enjoy entertainment, tours of UM and their new food garden, music, fire truck and chickens, from 10 am-3 pm. Don't forget to get your coop raffle tickets here (and at all ticket sites) to win a custom dream coop, on display at this stop!

New on the tourGarden of interestHandicap accessible

Under the downtown Raleigh skyline in the Boylan Heights neighborhood, our six varieties of hens live in a custom coop with rain gutters, rain barrel, self-waterer, and automated door which closes each night. We recently added flower and vegetable beds and an enclosed run to make their lives complete!

New on the tourGarden of interestHandicap accessible

Our coop was built from 95% recycled materials-- glass windows from a 1930's home, reused fencing, and refurbished glass knobs. Four girls descend a spiral staircase to go out to their run or roam the yard which features flowers, raised beds and a vegetable garden. Visit Sir Walter--our rare lionhead double mane rabbit--as he watches over the scene from his matching hutch.

New on the tour

Nestled on the porch of our red-roofed house are two hives of Italian Honeybees. With a yard full of clover, and urban gardens nearby, these "city" bees are happy to make their home in the historic Oakwood neighborhood. We'll have an observation hive onsite so that you can see some bees in action without getting too "up close and personal."

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Come see Old Dairy Henhouse located behind the historic Herman Greene House, ca. 1911. Our assortment of hens and Ameraucana rooster enjoy multiple platforms and ladders, as well as a great view of our young orchard, stately Pecan and Oak trees, Christmas tree grove and gardens.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Chickens, a garden train, miniature horses--our home is a 'must see' on the Tour this year! Our multiple breed flock enjoys a custom coop with solar door, and a run overlooking a garden train featuring 2 "G" scale trains, water features, town, ski resort, wild animal park, and over 600 feet of track. Our miniature horses regularly visit nursing homes and hospitals and are kid-friendly and ready for pats.

New on the tourGarden of interestHandicap accessible

Visit us at LL Urban Farms, our family-owned, urban, farmstand and hydroponic greenhouse. Customers love seeing our flock of Barred Rocks and rare Chanteclers, plus one crazy rooster! Our coop is accented with reclaimed wood from a tobacco barn, and features a solar-powered door and movable fence. We also have 2 bee hives, use reclaimed water, and will be selling local NC seafood, produce, and pasture-raised meat and poultry.

Garden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

When friends visit our urban homestead in Cary, their kids pick strawberries from the berry tower and watch our honey bees fly around our small orchard, pollinate flowers, and collect water from the fountain. After leading the effort to legalize backyard hens in Cary, we built our elegant coop and run from the ground up. Our five hens love to eat treats from visitors and and help us garden. We have 14 varieties of fruit trees, 6 varieties of blueberries and many other edible plantings.

New on the tourHandicap accessible

Our flock of Wyandottes, Sussex, Black Star, Comet and Australorps, live in the most unique coop you'll ever see--it's made of earthen bricks! Adobe is a mixture of mud and straw, and is still a common building material in many parts of the world. Our coop is strong, yet was cheap to construct. Vet students and poultry club members may be on hand to answer questions and lend advice.

New on the tourGarden of interest

Welcome to Brothers' Bees garden and bee hives! We have four bee hives, including two that were "rescued" when they swarmed. We are delighted to join the Hive Hike and Tour d'Coop to share this fascinating hobby on behalf of Urban Ministries of Wake County.

New on the tourHandicap accessible

Our small flock hangs out in a custom coop when they aren't foraging around the herb and vegetable patch in our back yard. Our yard features raised garden beds and a lovely trellis leading to a shaded retreat--a garden sylvan room--perfect for chickens and humans alike.

New on the tourGarden of interest

After several years of wishing, we just welcomed new chicks to our former playhouse, upfitted and painted Key West-style. Our Silver-laced Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red and Isa Brown chicks can relax in their egg-laying spa or stroll out to sunbathe via the chicken door we built between their run and coop.

New on the tourGarden of interestHandicap accessible

Want chickens, but don't have much time? We repurposed a children's playhouse, minimizing the effort to maintain our flock. One of the original "founders" of the Tour D'Coop, our coop features DIY self-feeders and waterers, and is designed to collect droppings. The coop is set amongst extensive raised bed gardens and near two bee hives, completing the cycle of fertilization and pollination.


We have a small flock of Buff Orpington, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, Dominques and--new this year--two young Araucanas who, hopefully, will soon lay green eggs! The girls are such divas and run to greet us in the yard, hoping for food. We'll be offering great advice to avoid predator problems, having lost part of our original flock to raccoons.

Handicap accessible

We have three separate coops in our chicken resort, one of which has a miniature coop inside of it to house baby chicks. We spoil at least thirty chickens at any given time, including Cochins, Wyandottes, Jersey Giants, Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, a few mutt bantams, and an assortment of baby chicks in the mini coop. We generally free range our birds when at home.

New on the tourGarden of interest

You won't believe our midtown location when you see the flock of chickens roaming our urban backyard. Their run is creatively integrated into the structure of our home and they even have an ingenious waterer that works using a standard toilet float valve!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to children

Just up the road from North Hills, seven feathered ladies are living in their dream home. Their coop and attached pen has a jungle gym for chickens! Our large yard also features a rabbit hutch with a "green" roof and vegetable planters. Happy and Hale will be on site from 11-2 selling the freshest juices and salads in Raleigh!

New on the tourGarden of interestHandicap accessible

Don't be fooled by the North Raleigh location--my yard features a custom built Amish chicken coop and six breeds of friendly chickens, including Buff Orpington, Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red and Golden-laced Wyandotte. Enjoy the beautifully landscaped grounds with a sculptured fence, deck, picnic area, stone patio and goldfish pond.

Garden of interestHandicap accessible

Seven hens from five breeds provide the heart of our sustainable, urban farm and life which includes ornamental and edible gardens with hundreds of plants, water features, fire pit, green house and many other garden elements. Organic gardening, water conservation, and permaculture techniques are on display in our expansive yard. Stop by, take a seat, and enjoy our urban oasis.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Welcome to Kathy's Coop at Rocky Toad Road Iris Farm. We have 11 chickens of several varieties, including 'Easter Eggers', living the good life in North Raleigh, amongst 1000's of tall-bearded iris. Our chickens spend their days scratching the soil in our vegetable garden, then rest under the stars in a coop made from recycled pallets and featuring a sky light. We'll have a farm tractor on display, too, so come join us.

Garden of interest

Our 10 hens live in a coop made mostly of reused materials, with a sunroof, surrounded on three sides by beautiful ornamental and edible gardens. We use the deep litter method of coop/manure management - learn how it works. Also meet Sweet Thing, the escape artist who seems to have nine lives, and help us figure out the breed of our mystery patchwork hen, Topaz!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to children

My flock of six (including a Silver-Laced Polish Rooster named Fancy Pants!) welcomes you to their coop, which I designed and built by hand. The flock adds to the ambience of my garden, featuring raised beds, rain barrels, composting bins, apple trees, raspberries and grape vines. The plants in my 'City Cottager' garden were chosen to attract bees, butterflies and birds of all types.

Garden of interestOf interest to children

Our chicken coop and two honey bee hives sit on a hill overlooking a koi pond and gardens full of heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our flock includes Ameraucanas, Golden Comets, Wynadottes, Welsummers Plymouth Rocks, Australorps and Cochins. Come check out our new chicks!

New on the tourGarden of interestHandicap accessible

Our spacious coop is home to seven happy hens, and is designed to keep the girls warm in winter and cool in summer, with a watering system and features that make for easy clean up. Our broody bunch loves to play in our large vegetable garden and forage around our yard's edible landscaping.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to children

Lots and lots to see at our coop, which features Black Silkies and Mille Fleurs hens, as well as two noisy roosters. Our yard features a giant greenhouse with grape vines and lush plants. We also have bee hives, a compost station, pond, playhouse and a 4-year-old that loves to meet other kids!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to children

Our eleven happy hens share their very secure roost and run with our tool shed. With lovely views to a lake, a backyard orchard and garden, multiple perches and a tree growing through their run, a rain barrel for water, and vines trained to grow over the coop for shade, you can see why they are so happy!

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