At the Tour D’Coop we love to talk about chickens, chicken keeping and the joys of urban farming. We have coop owners and hens available for interviews and group members who are able to speak on chicken-keeping, urban farming and eating locally-raised foods. We have high and low-res photographs available for publication. We’d love to help you discuss this grass-roots event and the urban farming social movement on your television show, on your website, or in your publication.

For more information please contact Greta Modlin.

High-resolution photos (posted in 2012)
Chicken in coop
Chickens feeding
Chicken in nest box
Chicken with coop
Coop in garden
Child holding chicken
Pullet (young chicken)
Chicken in yard
Chicken in yard
Chicken in yard

High-resolution photos (posted in 2011)
People visiting a coop
Hen and chicks

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Tour d’Coop in the news

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Rick Bennett with Tracey Early on News 14 (2011)

Rick Bennett on WPTF 680

Rick Bennett with Tracey Early on News 14 (2010)

News & Observer multi-media by Juli Leonard

Bob Davis on The State of Things

WRAL multi-media by Anne Johnson and Bob Davis

Learn from some of our coopsters when they appeared on NC Now with David Huppert.