More than just chickens on the Tour

The stars of the Tour D’Coop are the chickens, coops and the gardens, but there will be plenty of other attractions on Saturday.�
Rebus Works tshirtRebus Works, the site of Coop #20, is host to The Saturday Market. This weekly, year-round market features local, organic farmers, bakers, the Lo-Mo Produce truck and a rotating mix mix of food trucks. In honor of the Tour D’Coop, the Saturday Market this week will feature local artists of many kinds. Look for hand made items like chicken shirts from Joelle Collins (pictured) and more.�
At Coop #9, chow down on some Eastern NC chicken barbecue�from the food truck�Chick-N-Que. This coop will also feature�the coop exhibit from NCSU design students. The designs were done as part of a class assignment and are quite original and eye-catching. They were designed to be portable/shippable, as well as beautiful.
At Coop #8,�local hatchery Little Birdie Chicken Farm and Hatchery will have about 6 chicks on display and will be available for part of the day to answer questions.�
If you’re interested in bees, be sure to check out Coops #4, #5 and�#13.
At the ticket sites, buy Tour t-shirts, ranging in price from $8 to $20. We have new t-shirts for the 2013 tour, as well as vintage shirts from past tours. We’re also offering a “family package” of 2 adult, 2 children, for $50. This year’s shirts are “grass green” with white lettering, all sizes except the kid x-small, which is grey. We DO take credit cards.
Are you excited yet? Make your donation online to get your ticket�today! Tickets will be available online through 2 p.m. Friday. After that, you can get one at the ticket sites on Saturday.