Spending a day with chicks henside (and outside) the Beltline

This was a guest post on Downtown Dame by Cynthia Deis
The day was sunny and warm with a small chance of showers, and I was ready to go. I was wearing comfortable shoes and a chicken-themed tee shirt and had a giant iced coffee at hand. I had plotted my route the night before, ambitiously hoping to get to 10 of the 23 locations. The Tour D’Coop was here!
As a chicken-keeper, I have been both a tour stop and a tourist on the Coop Tour. Both sides of the coin offer their pleasures. When our coop is on the tour, I have the ‘excuse’ of preparing for the visitors.
I can justify very long hours in the garden and fuss over the state of flowerbeds and coop decor to an extent I don’t usually allow myself.
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