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These are the coops that were on the 2015 tour

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This year you can buy your Tour tickets at Urban Ministries and enjoy our second annual Coop Carnival! You can start your tour here, stop by mid-day for lunch at the food trucks, or finish off the tour here! On-site food trucks include Chick-N-Que, Baton Rouge Cuisine, Sarge's, Chirba Chirba, and Big Island's Shaved Ice. There will also be a craft beer garden. Also, don't miss out on the tours of UM, the coop raffle, entertainment every hour and so much more! The carnival is at 1390 Capital Blvd, just north of downtown, with plenty of free parking.

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Our coop was built from 95% recycled materials-- glass windows from a 1930's home, reused fencing, and refurbished glass knobs. Four girls descend a spiral staircase to go out to their run or roam the yard which features flowers, raised beds and a vegetable garden. We recently expanded our coop, adding on an aviary for the girls to enjoy a safe and spacious play area. Visit Sir Walter and Queen Elizabeth -- rare lionhead double mane rabbits -- as they watch over the scene from their matching hutch.

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Our six girls come from differing, heirloom breeds -- as historic as our home in the Oakwood neighborhood. You could even say our coop is historic, too, as it is constructed of all recycled materials, and was built to mirror our own home. The girls supply us with plenty of eggs and compost which we reuse on the plants and gardens growing on our compact urban "farm."

Garden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Back by popular demand -- one of the original founders of the Tour D'Coop! Our flock of six is enjoying a brand new, predator-proof coop set in a beautiful garden behind our vintage home. The girls are shaded by a canopy of mature trees, and our gardens feature a variety plants, including a number of species rescued from sites about to be developed. Be sure to visit our "Little Free Library" -- you can even read a book to a chicken!

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Come see Chawla's Chickens -- Hennifer Aniston, Cocky Balboa, Taco and Dr. Pecker can't wait to meet you. We have an elegant and architecturally interesting coop with a unique interior heat feature and and automatic door, controlled with an opener. Nothing but the best for our ladies!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

We invite you to visit our little urban homestead complete with backyard chicken coop and honeybee hives. Made from a repurposed shed, our red barn coop is home to a free-ranging flock of Ameraucanas, Silkies, Golden Comets and dozens of mixed varieties. While you're here, you can see bees making honey in our Top Bar and Langstroth hives nestled in our vegetable garden!

New on the tour

Our home-built, custom coop houses six happy chickens in fine style. Please stop by, enjoy the flock, and say "hello" to our two Americanas "Easter Eggers" chickens, Wilber and Charlotte, or visit with our fluffy -- but flightless -- "Silkie girl," Einstein. Check out the miniature eggs she lays!

Garden of interestOf interest to children

Situated behind Rebus Works, an eclectic art gallery and event space tucked into the Boylan Heights neighborhood at 301-2 Kinsey St., this stop features a large chicken coop with hens, ducks, and even a beautiful Spanish turkey named Pedro! This location also features a local Farmer's Market from 10am - 1pm. You'll have the opportunity to purchase fresh duck & chicken eggs laid onsite, along with fresh, local produce, baked goods, handmade items and specialty foods. Live music and a food truck round out the attractions at this stop! You can also get your Tour ticket here from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the day of the tour.

New on the tourGarden of interest

Raleigh City Farm is urban agriculture at its finest! Tucked into the Person Street Corridor of downtown Raleigh, Raleigh City Farm's mission is to grow new urban farms and farm entrepreneurs to strengthen sustainable, healthy food systems. Come learn about local, sustainably sourced food and purchase fresh produce from the farm stand! Note that this location does not have chickens or a coop.

Garden of interestOf interest to children

What to see? What to see? We have so much -- Come visit our Silkies, Mille fleurs, and others, living on a lush urban lot. We have an amazing greenhouse, a compost station, a pond, playhouse and even bees. There's something for everyone to enjoy at our coop!

New on the tourHandicap accessible

Downtown Cary and Chez Poulet welcome you! My decorative and architecturally unique coop is home to 2 Ameraucanas, 1 Golden Laced Wyandotte, 1 Isa Brown, and a Buff Orpington hen. Their coop features a run, balcony, swing, and ramp to give these "city" girls room to roam and keep them from getting bored. We'll have colorful eggs on display, as well as our first bee hive -- located in our front yard, despite our downtown address -- who says you can't have bees in the City?!!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Despite our truly urban address, near SAS and Cary Academy, our flock of ten Marans, Araucanas and other breeds get to roam over several acres. Luckily, our zoning allows us to have more chickens than other Cary residents -- even a lovely, orange rooster! The girls (and guy) bed down at night in their coop, a converted potting shed. Our perennial and vegetable gardens should be lovely, so come visit our urban country address.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Come visit Dulcimer Dan's Urban Farm, where you can see my low-cost, movable coop, huge organic garden using square-foot gardening techniques, and listen to old-time hammered tunes by Dulcimer Dan and friends. With four beehives and bee expert Shannon McGuire on hand to answer your bee-keeping questions, we've got something for everyone.

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This year's Got To Be NC festival has gone to the birds! With a special focus this year on backyard flocks, stop by this free festival at the NC Fairgrounds after you get your fill of private coops. Visit the Agri-Plaza (between the Jim Graham and Expo buildings) to see baby chicks hatch on the spot and learn from the experts how to manage your own backyard chicken brood. Tons more to see and do, check www.gottobencfestival.com for details. Saturday hours until 8 pm, Rides close at 10 pm.

Garden of interestHandicap accessible

My coop is tucked behind lush azaleas, fig and gingko trees, and showcases how easily chickens can be good neighbors on an urban-sized lot. Not only do my girls benefit from a secure urban coop and run, they also get to explore the whole backyard when I am home. As a result of their efforts, you won't see weeds, and the grass is a beautiful blue-green. Come and see the yard, my chickens, and me on the Tour D'Coop!

Garden of interest

We have TWO gorgeous coops for you to see when you visit! One is a Country French style (Chez Poulez) and the other an enclosed pergola, with more space for when we cannot supervise our hens. Meet our 5 friendly ladies -- Barred Rock "Violet," Americauna "Coco," Buff Orpington "Marigold," Golden Laced Wyandotte "Ginger," and Partridge Rock "Cinnamon" -- and watch them scratching in our perennial and vegetable gardens, with the occasional sunbathe or dust bath break!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Come visit the Honeycutt's urban farm nestled in the Brookhaven neighborhood. Our custom coop is home to 5 chickens, including Golden-Laced Wyandotte and a Light Brahma. We also grow over 10 types of vegetables in our backyard, which features blueberry bushes and grape vines and a topbar beehive to keep it all pollinated. Don't forget to enjoy a cup of lemonade before you leave!

Garden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Seven hens and five breeds provide the heart of our sustainable, urban farm and life including ornamental and edible gardens, hundreds of plants types, water features, fire pit, playground, green house and many other garden elements. Organic gardening, water conservation, and permaculture techniques are on display on our little acre just two miles north of Crabtree mall. Stop by, take a seat, and enjoy our urban oasis.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Come see our hand-built cedar chicken coop, home to an assortment of breeds (Ameraucana, Buff Orpington, Dominique, Barred Rock, Black Star, Cuckoo Maran, Silver-Laced Wyandotte, and Black Australorp). Our coop features a custom feeder, built-in storage, and one-of-a-kind artwork by our children, dedicated to their favorite pets. Enjoy our goldfish pond, waterfall and stream, as well as raised vegetable beds.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Welcome to the Sundlof Coop, built by hand from rough sawn lumber acquired from a local sawmill. Our coop is home to 13 wonderful ladies, including California Whites, RIR, Easter Eggers, Silver-Laced Polish Tophats, Welsummer, Speckeled Sussex, Salmon Faverolle and Blue Cuckoo Maran. Trying to decide which breed is right for you? Come to our house, see the garden these girls fertilize and the eggs they lay, then pick your favorite!

Garden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Our chickens are living the good life in North Raleigh, keeping a beady eye on our family garden and the thousands of iris in bloom at our urban farmstead. Come rest awhile on our benches, watch the kids play on the tractor and enjoy the beautiful blooms. Our coop was made from recycled pallets and even has a sky light!

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Situated on over 3 acres only minutes from downtown, the Thomas family coop is home to eleven hens from six breeds who live in harmony with a vegetable garden thanks to a unique run called a chicken moat. The moat encircles the garden and allows the chickens to help out with weed and pest control, while providing the birds protection from predators. A USDA veterinarian will be on hand with information on avian flu and how to protect the home flock.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to children

Come see our "country/city" house and the coop we made from lumber harvested and milled on our own lot. We've got a multitude of breeds who enjoy the unique architectural features of their predator-proof coop and huge run, along with our organic, mostly raised-container gardens. Our home is equipped with solar panels for grid and off-grid use and our HVAC system is geothermal. Come enjoy our homemade Adriondack Chairs and watch our chickens do their thing!

Garden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Chickens, certified wildlife habitat, a garden train, miniature horses -- our home is a 'Must See' on the Tour! Our multiple breed flock's custom coop overlooks a garden train featuring 2 "G" scale trains, water features, town, ski resort, wild animal park, and over 600 feet of track. Our miniature horses regularly visit nursing homes and hospitals and are kid-friendly and ready for pats. New features this year include an an observation tower, a chicken bridge and a fire pit in the woods that has 5 swings for sitting around the fire or watching the girls take their dust baths.

New on the tourGarden of interestOf interest to childrenHandicap accessible

Cock-a-Doodle... Woo! Come visit Westmoreland Woods where chickens, kids and bees live in harmony. Our two flocks of chicks and adults (Leghorns to Easter Eggers, with everything in between) live in an enclosed compound lots of extras. Visitors can learn about bread making or natural cleaners with Lauri or about building solutions to solve boredom issues for chickens and kids from engineer extraordinaire, Jamey. We've got an amazing, kid-friendly yard and lots for adults to see. Come play with us!

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