2016 Featured Coops

These are the coops that were on the 2016 tour

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Our coop is unique because it is built into an existing shed, rock and brick wall that were already a part of our yard. It fits nicely among a variety of native and food plants growing on dry-stack stone terraces, near outside art work, tree stumps and concrete test cores that make up the creative landscape behind our historic home. We actively capture and move rainwater where we need it, and enjoy a fire-pit, gardens, and six chickens, all on our city-sized lot. Come see how we do it!

New on the tour Bike Tour Garden of interest Handicap accessible Food available

Come visit “The Eggplant” coop, designed to provide running and scratching areas, as well as ample opportunities for the ladies to climb, perch and explore. The girls’ home features solar lights, a variety of surrounding plants and seating opportunities for human chicken-watching. Food is a central theme — my chickens have even “partnered” with Rise donuts, which makes a special donut once monthly using eggs from my ladies! No donuts on site, but you will be able to purchase savory fare from our taco stand on Tour day.

New on the tour Bike Tour Handicap accessible

Our coop started out as a converted dog house nesting area inside of an A-frame pen. We’ve since expanded, but are a great example of how easy it is to build secure and comfortable chicken lodging for not a lot of “scratch.” Our friendly mixed flock includes Rhode Island Reds, Sexton and others, and they show how much they love their home by giving us 4-5 eggs per day. Stop by, pet the girls, and get some ideas on how to create your own coop.

Bike Tour Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Our six girls come from differing, heirloom breeds — as historic as our home in the Oakwood Neighborhood. You could even say our coop is historic, too, as it is constructed of all recycled materials, and was built to mirror our own home. The girls supply us with plenty of eggs and compost which we reuse on the plants and gardens growing on our compact urban “farm.”

Bike Tour Handicap accessible

Situated behind an eclectic art gallery in a vintage building (Rebus Works) and tucked into the historic Boylan Heights neighborhood, this stop features a large chicken coop of reclaimed materials filled with a variety of birds and even a beautiful Spanish turkey named Pedro! This location features a Farmer’s Market with local produce and baked goods from 10am – 1pm

Garden of interest Handicap accessible

Want chickens, but don’t have much time? We repurposed a children’s playhouse with a design to catch droppings, used in our gardens, and time-saving features such as DIY feeders and waterers. We have extensive raised beds, and a large vertical garden adjacent to the coop, completing the cycle of fertilization and pollination. One of the original founders of the Tour D’Coop! Check out this “super site” location which features a display of the custom-built coop you could win by Curtiss Coops and Yard Barns, live Americana music by Larry King & Matt Poore (11 am-1 pm), and Two Roosters Ice Cream (11 am – 4 pm)!

Garden of interest Handicap accessible

Our coop used to be the play house for the children who grew up here over 50 years ago, and is painted ‘Ice Cream Shop’ style. Their father built the original structure to mirror our Mid-Century home, designed by Haskins and Rice architects. See our seven chickens enjoying their egg-laying spa and outdoor run near vegetable gardens in beautifully manicured back yard.

Of interest to children Handicap accessible

We have five Brahma bantam hens in our coop that shows you don’t need a lot of space to keep chickens. In addition, tour sponsor Urban Chicken will have chicks on display, as well as product samples and a drawing for a gift certificate. We also have a “chicken tractor” which allows our hens to do their work all over our yard and garden. We’ll be selling snacks and drinks, all proceeds benefitting Urban Ministries.

Hive Hike Garden of interest Of interest to children

What to see? What to see? We have so much–Even a friendly pig!!! Come visit our Silkies, Mille Fleurs and other hens living on a lushly planted urban lot. We have a greenhouse, compost station, pond, playhouse and even bees. There is something for everyone to enjoy at our coop.

Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Seven hens and five breeds provide the heart of our sustainable, urban farm and life including ornamental and edible gardens, hundreds of plants types, water features, fire pit, playground, green house and many other garden elements. Organic gardening, water conservation, and permaculture techniques are on display on our little acre just two miles north of Crabtree mall. Stop by, take a seat, and enjoy our urban oasis.

Garden of interest Handicap accessible

Our small flock hangs out in a custom-built (by me!) coop when they aren’t foraging near raised beds in the herb and vegetable patch in our backyard. Their coop is tucked behind lush azaleas, fig and gingko trees and showcases how easily chickens can be good neighbors on an urban-sized lot.

Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Our flock of 10 have a free-range set up in the fenced area of our backyard beneath the shade of a beautiful maple tree. We have created an easy-to-clean coop by using a “sandy poop deck” below where our chickens roost at night. While you’re here, you can check out our goldfish pond, strawberry patch and bean pole tee-pees in our vegetable garden!

Hive Hike Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

My urban farm showcases an artsy home-built coop, built in sections and made to be as light as possible so it can be moved to fresh ground as needed. Our urban lot features a large “square-foot” vegetable garden, beehives and mushroom growing. We’ll feature music throughout the day, with hammered dulcimer and other instruments, by me, “Dulcimer Dan” and friends. Dulcimer Dan is the creator of the theme music for the Emmy Award-winning PBS gardening show “Making It Grow,” among other accolades.

New on the tour Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Chickens and bunnies and art and gardens, oh my!! So much to see in my artsy, fantastical yard. Even my chickens come in an array of colors and types, and they live in a shady and colorful home, under a massive magnolia tree, with chandeliers, fruit and vegetable gardens, rainbow-colored hues, and seating a plenty. Come and enjoy my colorful wonderland–the chickens are waiting to say “hello.”

Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Our diverse and docile flock lays eggs in a rainbow of colors when they aren’t free-roaming or lounging in their fenced run, connected to our greenhouse. They love all the yummy foods growing in our organically “farmed” urban yard, which is full of fruit trees, berries, strawberries and vegetables, in addition to being a certified Monarch and wildlife habitat. Kids will enjoy our Teepee and “hopping stumps.”

Handicap accessible

Come see our “country/city” house and the coop we made from lumber harvested and milled on our own lot. We’ve got a multitude of breeds who enjoy the unique architectural features of their predator-proof coop and huge run. Our home is equipped with solar panels for grid and off-grid use and our HVAC system is geothermal. Come enjoy our homemade Adriondack Chairs and watch our chickens do their thing!

Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Named after singers, our hens and rooster live in a converted 1930’s dairy behind our historic ca.1911 home. Their 18-foot run allows them plenty of room to move around, climb stick ladders, and sit on outdoor roosts. Our backyard is large with many places to explore, including 20 Carolina Sapphire Christmas trees, a Leyland circle, a small orchard, and gardens. Dust bathing holes abound, so watch your step!

Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Gorgeous coop, certified wildlife habitat, delightful garden train, and much, much more — our home is a ‘Must See’ on the Tour! Our multiple breed flock’s custom coop is completely safe from predators and features a solar self-opening door, a roof pen, and even a chicken bridge! The coop is surrounded by gorgeous gardens and a garden train featuring 2 “G” scale trains, water features, town, ski resort, wild animal park, and over 600 feet of track. Climb our full-size observation tower to survey the wonderland we’ve created for your enjoyment.

Hive Hike Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Visit Westmoreland Woods where chickens, kids and bees live in harmony. Our two flocks of chicks and adults (Leghorns to Easter Eggers, with everything in between) live in an enclosed compound with lots of room to explore. Kids can enjoy a huge playhouse while we answer all your questions about natural cleaners, bread-making, and building solutions to keep kids and chickens entertained. We’ve got an amazing, kid-friendly yard and lots for adults to see. Come play with us!

New on the tour Garden of interest Of interest to children

Come see how we are creating a self-sustaining system of growing chickens (in Castle Coop), berries, fruit trees, native plants and seasonal produce, all on a suburban lot. We keep everything organic, inexpensive, and use no fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides. This is what we call the great experiment! Visit our Rhode Island Reds, Buckeyes, Comets, Golden Sex-link and Brahma hens, and see what we’ve learned so far.

Hive Hike Handicap accessible

Downtown Cary and Chez Poulet welcome you! My decorative and architecturally unique coop was recently featured in Cary Magazine, and is home to Ameraucanas, Golden Laced Wyandotte, and an Isa Brown hen. Their coop features a run, balcony, swing, and ramp to give these “city” girls room to roam and keep them from getting bored. We’ll have colorful eggs on display, as well as a bee hive — located in our front yard, despite our downtown address — who says you can’t have bees in the City?!!


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