2018 Coops

These are the coops that were on the 2018 tour

New on the tour Bike Tour Hive Hike Garden of interest Of interest to children Food available

Our coop consists of 5 girls of various breeds. We built our coop after watching a YouTube video, with a goal of having a mostly self-sufficient coop that allows us to travel. Stop by, meet the hens and check out our new pollinator garden, beehives and water barrel system. Kona Shaved Ice will be onsite for refreshments and kids will love the new playground just across the street.

New on the tour Bike Tour Hive Hike Handicap accessible

We were on the tour a few years ago and have since moved closer to downtown. Our eight hens love being city chicks! The coop was designed around a stained-glass window from a yard sale and features a solar chandelier and a preening station for the ladies. Our honeybees moved with us and love pollinating our raised vegetable gardens and flowers. If you’re interested in seeing what can be done in a small urban setting — our coop is a must see!

Bike Tour Garden of interest Of interest to children

Built into an existing shed and stone wall, our coop serves as the backdrop for growing herbs, food, and native plants on dry-stack stone terraces. The creative landscape behind our historic home features outside art work, funky concrete test cores, and even garden fairies. We enjoy a fire pit and play area, actively compost and capture rainwater, and love showing all the creative things you can do on a city-sized lot. Kids — come find the fairies’ homes and work on our chalk art quilt!

Bike Tour Of interest to children Handicap accessible Food available

Who says you have to be a chicken to love Tour D’Coop? Rescued pot belly pigs Theodore and Talulah, invite you to see their feathered friends’ large L-shaped coop, built mostly of reclaimed wood, and designed to match the aesthetics of the human home. T and T are jealous of the chickens’ swing, sky lights and solar lighting! Russell Crow(s) will also be on hand to show off his lovely harem of chicken ladies, and Virgil’s Tacos will be serving up tasty tacos, including a vegetarian option

New on the tour Bike Tour Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Our coop is evidence you can build a coop that fits attractively into an urban yard, yet is perfect for chickens. Our colorful coop was made with mostly recycled materials and is decked out with nesting boxes, perches, vents and even a window. The coop is the centerpiece of our backyard oasis, where we spend time playing ping pong, grilling and enjoying our new garden. We compost like crazy, collect rain water for the gardens, and the chickens make it all fun!


Trying to decide on a chicken breed for your own coop? Here you can see Buff Orpington, Red New Hampshire, Araucana and Plymouth Rock, plus a smaller, bantam-sized lady. Our ‘girls’ are friendly as can be and enjoy the good life eating the best food, supplemented with herbs and treats from our yard. These lucky ladies have an amazing coop built into a converted building that would look right at home in the English countryside. Truly one of a kind!

New on the tour Bike Tour Garden of interest Of interest to children

Our yard is all about birds, bees, butterflies and, of course, chickens! Site of the Bee Better Teaching Gardens, we won a City of Raleigh Sustainability award in 2015. Our custom-built coop fits seamlessly into a beautifully landscaped area that is pretty enough to be on a magazine cover, yet grows berries, herbs, vegetables and flowers, and provides hidden spaces for composting, vermiculture, water storage and more. So much to see here! Or just sit back, enjoy the sights and sounds of bees and birds…and relax.

Hive Hike Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Welcome to the Well Fed Community Garden, where our flock of 11 assorted hens plays a vital role in helping increase our gardens’ yields, in keeping with the Earth’s natural balance. With a mobile coop, aka “chicken tractor,” our urban hens have lots to do every day, eating weeds, chasing insect pests, and leaving ‘deposits’ that fertilize a wide variety of organically grown berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Have you visited Irregardless Café? Then you’ve eaten food our chickens helped produce! Check out our bees, vermicomposting (worms), and pollinator gardens, too.

Hive Hike Handicap accessible

We have lots and lots of chicken breeds to see here, living the good life in a coop we constructed using lumber harvested and milled on site. The chickens’ architecturally unique coop is attached to a large, fenced area covered in netting for predator protection. Our home features organic raised container gardens, bee hives, on and off-grid solar panels and a geothermal heating system. Come by, visit the girls and discover all the special features of our home and coop.

New on the tour Hive Hike

You would never know we have chickens … proof-positive chickens make great neighbors! Our hens live comfortably in our backyard, leaving their coop to free-range when we are outside, and helping fertilize our garden and flower beds. Rain barrels and bees also contribute positively to our backyard ecosystem, but mostly, our small flock of Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Golden-laced Wyandotte and Black Austrolorps just makes us smile!

New on the tour

Well this is truly a first — a chicken coop WHERE? At a doctor’s office? We say “why not?” So come see how we integrated our large, lovely coop into a professional setting in a modern office park. Doctors and staff alike benefit from watching the daily life of our Frizzle, Silkies and Polish hens, and soon our girls will be the stars of their very own Chicken Cam!

New on the tour Hive Hike Garden of interest Food available

We have a lot to see in the heart of Midtown. Our custom built coop features a rainwater collection system and is a charming addition to our terraced backyard where we grow herbs, vegetables and flowers. Between feeding garden scraps to our flock of 10, recycling, and composting, we produce very little trash. Get your Tour D’Coop T-shirt, listen to live musicians and grab some ice cream from Two Roosters vintage aqua camper.

New on the tour Hive Hike Garden of interest

Our chickens enjoy a spacious coop surrounded by lush gardens, designed to keep predators at bay, while keeping them comfortable at all times. Both our front and back yards are filled with organic gardens featuring fruit, flowers and berries in all seasons. We garden organically, and often use recycled materials as we invite the natural world in with pollinator plants, composting, grape arbor, rain barrels, and bee hives.

New on the tour Handicap accessible

At our coop you can see lots of features that make life better for human and fowl. Our 11 hens enjoy an enclosed run in the daytime, and retire at night to their custom designed coop, which features an extended tin roof for rainwater collection and homemade spill-proof “feeding tubes.” Thoughtful design means room for food storage, features for easy cleaning, and the ability to separate the coop into two areas for introducing new hens. We also compost and raise mealworms for our “girls.” Getting ready to build your own coop? Come here to get ideas!

New on the tour Handicap accessible

Our coop really shows how anyone can build a coop and design a yard that is fun, sustainable and economical. Tucked into an urban neighborhood near North Hills, our coop started out as a playhouse in a neighbor’s yard. Now it features a run that can be rotated to either side of the coop, and serves as a comfortable dwelling for our 4 chickens and 1 Cayuga duck (who thinks she’s a chicken!).

New on the tour Garden of interest

Our flock of 9 enjoys life in large coop and shaded pen under a crepe myrtle tree in our backyard. They fit easily on our city-sized lot, yet we still have plenty of room for flower beds, vegetables, and yes, even some lawn! Come meet our flock leader “Tiny,” and get ideas for your own outdoor space.

New on the tour Garden of interest Food available

You won’t find our city chickens lurking in the backyard — our home is unique in that we have created a gorgeous garden using permaculture techniques, solar panels, rain barrels, composting, pollinator plants, raised vegetable and fruit beds and more, in the front of our home. Come ready with questions for us and the custom coop builder, who will be on site all day. See how our coop not only adds beauty, but also encourages neighbors to stop by, chat and enjoy. Gonza Tacos food truck will be here too!

Garden of interest Of interest to children Handicap accessible

Our small flock with multiple breeds provides the heart of our sustainable, urban “farm” and life which includes ornamental and edible gardens, hundreds of plants types, water features, fire pit, playground, green house and many other garden displays. Organic gardening, water conservation, and permaculture techniques are on display on our little acre just two miles north of Crabtree mall. You won’t believe you are on a busy street in the heart of Raleigh when you see our urban oasis.

New on the tour Of interest to children

Lucky chickens — that’s what you’ll see at our place! We designed and built our own coop with a garden roof top and rainwater collection system. The lower level is the perfect place for dust-bathing and resting up from free-ranging and laying eggs. We have an herb garden close to the coop to allow for natural chicken-keeping, as well as fruit and vegetable gardens. We’ll have activities for the kids, so come see our coop and have some fun!


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